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Rock, Not Stoned

A work in progress

We’ve been in the middle of a huge landscaping project. All of the plants from the house in Wellesley (that we just sold) were transplanted here at the Cape. I love that all these mature green goodies aren’t going to get bulldozed by the developer who is knocking down the house. So, we’ve got plants and lots of them. They’re all in the ground, getting their twice daily long drinks of water and gentle spritzing with spray. They’re all happy… Amazing.

However, it’s not the plants alone that I’m psyched about. We’ve got rocks, yes, mucho rocks here at the Cape. While transplanting the big trees/shrubs, Tom, the landscaper discovered even more rocks. And that’s when I really started to have fun. Since he had a great little Bobcat that could lift boulders and arrange them one on top of the other without me lifting a finger… I had a blast (bad rock pun, sorry!)

Goddess DeVida

At the front door is Goddess DeVida. She’s welcoming, but has enough heft to keep creeps and nasty relatives away. I love her and promised I would not dress her up for every Hallmark holiday.

Here’s a close up of her heart- made of stone—but definitely a heart.

She has a heart: stone, of course.

In the back yard are two smaller stone people. They’re located right outside my studio window and make me smile every time I see them, especially the male!









My favorite… and then yet another heart shaped rock we dug up… go figure.

There are still a few more that are works in progress. One reminds me of a cat, but I have to hunt for the “perfect” middle stone. It will happen.


This last one has potential, but right now, I’m only seeing a duck, and I’d rather see a bunch of undulating waves… Tom will be back with his machine on Friday. I can hardly wait.


Rock on!

About yarnsista

I am a wordsmith, a fiber artist, a yogi, and a high energy, ball of fire. My glass is always half full, and I always have fifteen tasks ongoing simultaneously. Authority figures are not my friends, and I seldom color within the lines. I tend to “nest” in my cocoon-like home.

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  1. How much fun! I love rocks too. Their tearing down your old home? Booooo.
    I also thought that video is cute.

    • Rocks are our friends!!! Ha!
      Yes, the house is getting torn down to build a bigger one. The good news is that we got to take anything we wanted…all the plantings, all the fixtures, cool doorknobs and gave a ton of stuff to non-profits who will put it all to good use.

      It looks like all of the plants are well on their way to making it on the cape. None of them croaked yet!

  2. My idea of a perfect garden nowadays is a few mounds of cedar shavings, a few well placed stones, maybe a little bonsai or two. As in Japanese simplistic. But I love love English gardens, tropical gardens, and all gardens. I go on a local garden tour every year, just to take all of the creativity in.
    When I lived in Seattle, I planted endless shrubs, trees, plants, bulbs. Because I love all of the colors and changes throughout the seasons. And the plants loved me. And they grew and grew. (My neighbor, who is a Master Gardner, said I had a magic touch. Even as a kid, I grew beautiful flowers, and vegetables in our yard.) After a number of years, it became a chore to weed, and to keep cutting back such overwhelming growth.
    I do believe that for some people, working with the earth, and working with plants can be very spiritual or at least grounding. Hehe. I just haven’t had time for it. Too much work. So little play. Hmmm


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