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Click and then double click on photos to follow the path.

When is a walk in the woods more like an adventure down a rabbit hole? Or maybe even more like Narnia or Where the Wild Things Are? That’s what the Atlantic White Cedar Swamp Trail offers me every single time I go there.

Extends to the end of the earth…

It’s a mile long escape along a simple walkway just slightly raised above a piece of conservation land along the sea in Wellfleet and adjoins the Marconi Station where the first transatlantic message was sent in 1903.  This trail is magic and one of my favorite places in the universe.

Where the wild things are…

The white cedar is the star, but no by means the only site to be seen. The cedars seem to shoot out of the earth and stretch to the sky, with vegetation twisted and gnarled at their feet. It is all very alive.

The bark texture is a work of art unto itself; a close up makes one wonder what’s in view. The light produces enchanting effects and is altered at every turn.

Animal, mineral or vegetable?

The ground cover is lush and varied. There’s always something new to observe.

Quiet and unassuming

Mother Nature doesn’t disappoint her audience.

Fern beds

A few wild asters

One is overwhelmed and at peace, simultaneously, in this place. It’s strangely wonderful.

Layers and layers of good stuff from the dirt to the sky

It’s like a trip to another world—all green and earthy—and at the end you have a majestic view of the National Seashore: the Atlantic Ocean in her full glory.

End of the trail, beginning of the sea

Hope to go back this weekend with the kids. It’s something to be shared.

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