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Snowdrops, no snow.

One of the joys of living in New England is that we really have seasons—and there are discernible changes that I look forward to every three months. Spring is starting to happen here at the Cape. At first, it’s the small, quiet changes; sunlight enters our bedroom at a different angle and follows us on our daily walk to the beach.


Bikepath/Surf Drive

The wind blows hard all winter and now it’s lessening, giving the birds a chance to hang on to the limbs and sing a bit. There is a morning chorus starting, and we’re hearing familiar voices. I’ve put out a stash of short scraps of leftover yarn for their nest building. It’s a kick to look up in the trees and see yarn from the sweater I just finished knitting.  Bella, the cat, has renewed interest in standing guard on the window ledge with eyes glued to the bird feeder. “They’re back”, she hollers. Lucky for the birds, she’s an indoor only cat.


Little Bobo and Butterball

Kittens are starting to arrive at the shelter, just a few; the season is only beginning. They’re so tiny, with little meows and awkward, wobbly movements… and soft, baby fur. There are unbelievably fun to watch and even better to hold and cuddle.


White Birch- wish there were more.

Trees are still quite grey, but the green bushes are full of plump buds just waiting to show some color. I’m always tempted to clip a few branches and “force” them to bloom inside, but never do because I don’t want to rob the outdoors.


Rhodos had a hard winter.

The best part for me is seeing some action from the bulbs planted the previous fall. At first, it’s just green nubs barely pushing their way through the dirt. A few days later, it’s more rubbery green leaves, and I hold my breath that we don’t have snow or frost.  Just today the first daffodil bud is standing strong and waiting to open.


This seasonal stuff gives me the incentive to reboot myself. I get motivation that is often reserved for New Years or back to school. I love the smell of the air, the new night sky, and the excitement that Spring brings. It doesn’t last long, but just enough to savor it and enjoy all the optimism. For me, it will also mean taking my first yoga class, planting lettuce and morning glories in peat pots, rediscovering an old favorite cookbook and starting to knit a new, lighter weight sweater. All good stuff.

Just a hint of color

Just a hint of color.

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I am a wordsmith, a fiber artist, a yogi, and a high energy, ball of fire. My glass is always half full, and I always have fifteen tasks ongoing simultaneously. Authority figures are not my friends, and I seldom color within the lines. I tend to “nest” in my cocoon-like home.

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  1. Thank you for such a lovely post!

  2. Jean Valtierra

    Loved it……..

  3. I love Bobo and Butterball – what a couple of cuties! So glad that you’ve finally getting some Spring. All the best, Terri


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