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Falmouth Winter Farmer’s Market


Falmouth holds an indoor Winter Farmer’s Market at the Mahoney Garden Center. It’s such a smart idea. There are several tables filled with an assortment of home grown or hand made goodies: everything from jams, chutney, baked goods, truffles, fruits, local veggies, wine, glass blowing, honey. I didn’t photograph that stuff.


A huge bonus is that it’s held in a gorgeous garden center, complete with exquisite flowers in bloom, all types of greenery and that wonderful earthy smell. It was intoxicating!


I did purchase organic, homemade dog biscuits for a friend’s pooches– bacon and liver, no preservatives. They look like Italian biscotti… and I’m soooo tempted to take a bite, but I won’t. The cranberry chutney also spoke to me and came home with us. The woman who made it had an entire table of preserves and pickled goodness…. and strawberry truffles. Ah!!!!IMG_1302

The Farmer’s Market was worth the visit, but the gorgeous cyclamen and orchids on display made my day. It’s a blast of sensuous color much needed on a gray, somewhat rainy Saturday.

Even the kale was pretty!

Even the kale was pretty!

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  1. You have a great photographic eye!

  2. Great photos, Diane. They brighten my day!

  3. Diane-
    Your photos are beautiful. And I especially love the way your words capture how fully you savored the experience –

  4. now that’s the steady hand I was talking about…beauitful shots my friend….


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