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Less is More is True

  1. Our low-key, sensible, non-traditional Thanksgiving was a big win. The food was healthy and moderate. There was more quiet, downtime and less craziness for everyone. I put together several polar fleece scarves, teddy bears and blankets for our local food/clothing pantry. Most of all, I appreciated the tenor of this holiday and will use it as a bridge to the rest of the holiday season. Less is more is true.


    Kettle Pond at Beebe Woods-Click on pix to enlarge

  2. Christmas is a few weeks away and most of my gifts will be made by hand this year. I’m psyched. There are socks, hats, mittens, shawls, cloth dinner napkins, lavender sachets and a blanket waiting to be wrapped in paper I already have stashed from years past.
  3. “Buying Only The Essentials” has been in effect for five weeks (who’s counting?!) I’ve been trying to buy only the items that I really need: no excess, no fluff, no crazy consumption. Yes, I have fallen off the wagon once or twice, but nothing major. Black Friday and Cyber Monday found me enjoying what I already have and completely avoiding the chaos of those days. Each day that I successfully stick with the basics makes it easier to make this a way of life. I could have bought more books, yarn, fiber, food, Christmas gifts, but it was freeing to know that I really didn’t need all of the above. This voluntary simplicity is adding much more than it is subtracting.


    Stone Wall Originally Meant to Stop Sheep From Wandering

  4. Speaking of way of life…David and I have been taking our brisk 45 minute daily walks for a little over a month. We vary the route so that we’re always checking out a new part of town. Re-discovering Beebe Woods with its kettle ponds, huge rocks and meandering paths has been a delight. I do forget that I’m exercising. The walk is brisk enough to qualify as a workout, but paced to be able to soak up all the joy along the way. As it gets colder, the mittens, boots and hats will join the action, and I’m expecting that we can do this all winter. I no longer try to avoid it or bitch about it afterwards. I think that’s progress!


    Almost Bigger Than Life

  5. Books, books, books! My “to read” list continues to grow. I just started The Show Child by Eowyn Ivey and am instantly pulled into the text. The language is mesmerizing and after only twenty-five pages, I care about the characters and want to see how their lives unfold. For some reason it is reminding me of Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin—one of my favorite books. Speaking of Helprin, I’m reading his new book In Sunlight and in Shadow a bit at a time in order to make it last longer. I don’t want it to end. And next on my list are two Isaac Bashevis Singer books from my beloved student, Miki. I can’t wait to read them and talk to him about them.
  6. Every day something happens that makes me appreciate living here in Falmouth full time. There truly is a sense of community that is in sync with who I am and what I value. I’ve made new friends that will last a lifetime, maybe longer.

    Beebe Woods

    Beebe Woods

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I am a wordsmith, a fiber artist, a yogi, and a high energy, ball of fire. My glass is always half full, and I always have fifteen tasks ongoing simultaneously. Authority figures are not my friends, and I seldom color within the lines. I tend to “nest” in my cocoon-like home.

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    Love your writings….

  2. Very nice post, Diane. Great commentary and photos along with appreciated literary recommendations. I remember being enthralled with A Winter’s Tale, what, almost 20 years ago?
    I am so happy that you are happy and have found your spot.
    Me? I am still not sure where I fit in.

    • Thanks for the feedback. I’ve always made it a point to be happy in life…. but living here makes it so easy. Sounds like you’re in a good part of the country where people appreciate art and outdoors. Hope you find your “spot” soon 🙂 Hugs


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