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Knob Heaven

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One spot close to us in many ways is The Knob, in Quisset. It’s a five minute drive to a half hour meandering walk through forest and seacoast paths.  It’s quiet and peaceful, yet adventurous and exhilarating.

My Imaginary Rabbit Hole

What I love best are the unexpected surprises that pop up every few minutes: a bird singing, a bunch of Queen Ann’s lace and beach plums swinging in the breeze, the huge, strong rocks with jagged as well as worn down edges that trim the water’s edge. Trees and vines grow like lattice work, making a covered walkway with blue sky peaking through. There’s always something to catch the eye and inspire.

No Rock Jumping, this time.

We’ve been taking this “walk by the woods by the sea” for more than 25 years. Today we remembered the tree swing that both girls loved so much—it has been taken down and Mother Nature has taken over with vines and tall grass—beautiful, but you can’t swing on them. David mentioned how he often carried Molly on his shoulders when she was small; she had the best view of all. I remember my Dad taking this walk, loving it, even when he no longer remembered where he was going. And once we packed a lunch and spent the day at the beach, noticing lots of unusual sea glass that was just waiting for us on this often unvisited beach.

The Knob

Treasures, lots of treasures, are here. The end of this deliciously long, windy path is  “The Knob”. It’s a rocky protrusion into the bay, covered with flat stones and provides a 360 degree view of beauty. Today Buzzard’s Bay is dotted with boats, and the sky has absolutely perfectly shaped white, puffy clouds. The sea breezes are always a tad stronger up there, and the bay is a bit bluer. At the edge I sense the power and strength of what nature has wrought. I feel iddy bitty and such a small part of a big whole—and it feels good.

Knob View

Today’s visit is part of David’s birthday weekend celebrations. The Knob is his kind of place and our kind of celebration.  We’ll be back soon with a picnic dinner and a good bottle of wine to watch the sunset.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

He who does not like to be photographed…

Happy Birthday, Schotzi!!!

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