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A visit to Cape Cod Lavender Farm is an awfully good way to start celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary and the beginning of life full time on the Cape. The farm is owned by a couple who work it every day. They have more than 10,000 fragrant, lovely lavender plants on twelve acres of peace and quiet.

Up close the purple spikes look dainty, yet strong. They sway in the breeze, and the fragrance is gentle and subtle.

The rows are bushy and reveal the different varieties–a spectrum of color and leaf structure. It all smells so good.

We had an opportunity to talk to the owners, Cynthia and Matthew Sutphin, and it was clear that this farm is a labor of love. Every day there is toil and joy. There are money problems, weather issues, and Mother Nature delivering her best and her worst.

There is a simple and honest theme at this place. Nothing is gussied up; there are no artificial additives to the view or the product. It’s remarkable refreshing.

The Queen’s Ann Lace borders a small garden. Its delicate form reminds me of a lace shawl I’m working on. Art does imitates nature.

Even the weeds look pretty in their own way. I’m sure there are lots of lessons here that correlate to being married for forty years, but right now I’m going to have a bowl of yummy strawberries and raspberries with my groom..

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