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Bye, Bye TV

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We got rid of TV cable service several weeks ago and hardly knew it was absent. This weekend we got rid of the television. As I write, the recycling truck is driving down our road, and I hope he takes it. In any case, it’s gone, baby, gone from my den. I feel like I’ve lost 25 pounds and recovered three hours a day in my life. Weight loss and recovery without Twelve Steps.

I’ve never thought of myself as a TV addict—and three hours is much less than the national average, I add quite defensively. The local and national news ate up two hours and then there was House, Madmen, Downton Abbey, Nurse Jackie, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Boardwalk Empire, Project Runway, Top Chef, Bethany (oh, I’m so embarrassed!), Game of Thrones, Rescue Me, Breaking Bad, Discovery Channel specials about far away places with wild animals, and the Sunday news shows.

Why give it up? I just became increasingly disinterested in it all and found I had more to criticize than to celebrate after watching. Ironically, I gave up going to church for the same reasons. There was a “so what” response—or “more of the same” again. Maybe I’m just getting old and cranky or maybe I’ve moved on.

Life after TV is good. We have dinner at the kitchen table, and I’m reading, writing and doing more “stuff” than before. I actually like getting my news via reading versus the television; I can compare/contrast coverage and have the option of digging deeper into an issue. I can also ignore it all and sit on the deck listening to the birds and the frogs make noise…not a bad alternative.

I probably will watch Breaking Bad and/or Boardwalk Empire on line when they return, but I wonder if I think I miss it because it’s not available now. We’ll see. In the meantime, I like that there’s no background noise, nothing interfering with my view of the fireplace, and less clutter in my brain.

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