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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Run, Forrest, Run…

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It’s Marathon Day here in Boston, and I am in awe of those who choose to run. No, it’s not the international elite runners who give me pause; it’s the every day Joe and Jane who take the challenge, get the blisters and sore muscles, and push themselves to do a demanding, nearly impossible task. When my kids were younger, we would watch the race and I would cheer, yell, clap and holler as the runners ran past. My children were mortified, and my husband looked puzzled. I must have been living vicariously through those runners. Meanwhile, back in real life, I would occasionally get on the treadmill, perhaps “do” the elliptical, and maybe take a walk. The walks have been most frequent and regular practice lately. They’re not known for their speed, but do provide some sanity time along with some sweat. I have actually thought about perhaps, maybe, possibly training for some road race someday… maybe…maybe I’ll walk the Falmouth Road Race route. That could be a beginning.

To Blog or Not To Blog

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Yes, that is the question. Do I dare to enter this world of words? Do I dare to eat a peach?

I’m jumping in with expectations of being able to write about ideas, creative expression, experiences, and whatever. I have always been a wordsmith, a teacher, a businesswoman, and a fiber artist. Telling stories and spinning yarns come naturally to me: hence, the title Yarnsista. Until a year ago, I taught writing and literature at a nearby university. Being retired has been exhilarating and rewarding. I do, however, miss the dialogue with students and colleagues on campus and hope to be able to create some of that here. Books will be reviewed, teaching and learning strategies discussed, minimalist living might be explored as well as my latest adventures with yarn and cloth.

I think it will be fun.